Video demonstration of ChallengeCall™

Take a look at our demonstration video of the fruit machine & FOBT ChallengeCall™ for detecting under age users in pubs and bars on class C and D equipment and how our system handles "walk by" customers, customers that "shuffle" while playing and how ChallengeCall™ detects people coming to gamble on the fruit machine and FOTB machines; When someone triggers the ChallengeCall™ an instant message is sent to a member of staff so they can check the age of the gambler. Notice that ChallengeCall™ detects most false triggers so staff are distracted to the minimum with this system. Our latest version detects users within 3 seconds.

We have spent a considerable amount of time developing the ChallengeCall™ solution and have built in many features that stop most types of false alarm, while at the same time ensuring that ChallengeCall™ is the best in class and most value for the cost of any other solution available. ChallengeCall™ is a trade mark of our company.

As you watch this demonstration video of the ChallengeCall™, it is easy to see that triggering of false positives by gamblers is handled properly and only genuine triggers to staff are sent via a text message to an LRS manager or alphanumeric pager.

In fact well over 98% of false triggers on-site are stopped from notifying staff; while it is possible to rarely create a false positive message, we have taken many hours of time in the development and removal of such events when in a pub or bar environment.

Notice in the video how staff carrying out the demonstration try hard to set off false trigger messages without success; in fact they failed to do so and only genuine notifications of someone going to gamble is processed to a staff message for checking the age of the person.

You will also see, that when a real trigger occurs, that 'shuffling' around on the sensor does not produce multiple false positives, something we developed right in to the ChallengeCall™ solution from the start.

Pagers are powered by a single triple A battery. The pager can be set up in such a way that it can automatically turn on and off at the start and end of a shift to extend battery life. We also have available leather pager protector cases that help to ensure the pager does not get damaged.

It is possible to get a trial of the ChallengeCall system.

If you would like more information please either fill out our contact form or you can call us on +44(0)1782 537000.

ChallengeCall Demo Video

Click for a larger view - includes audio


This video was created on a prototype of the ChallengeCall™ system however production systems are now available and are even improved over what is included in the above demonstration - now with a shorter delay time of 3 seconds. There are a number of different styles of sensors that we can use for these solutions that are not shown in the demonstration video such as infrared and other technologies that we can supply. Those solutions are already being used in the UK successfully, but where fruit machines and  FOBT machines (or fruit machines as they are sometimes called) or amusement with prize (AWP) is in use in open areas or unguarded areas as found in pubs and bars then the ChallengeCall™ solution is the most suitable for that application available from any company today. Ask about a trial.