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 Because ChallengeCall can be customised in a number of ways, clearly we can't offer a complete overview of the system on this website. For example, we have another product called CaptureCall™ that can collect information about the usage of the ChallengeCall™ system that can provide key metrics about the usage of the system. There is no other way of achieving this information from other companies. The reporting may be used to show that your organisation is adopting systems and solutions that help to reduce or eliminate the FOBT under age gamblers on your site.

In nay case bought against your company it has been shown that proactive operations can negate or have a negating factor if you ever face prosecution. CaptureCall™ is an optional accessory for the ChallengeCall™ system but the good news is that you only need one ChallengeCall system no matter how many machines you want to include in the reporting. Contact us for further information about CaptureCall.