Frequently Asked Questions

Customers often have many FAQ's about the ChallengeCall fruit machine and FOTB under age gambling challenge solution and we address some of those below.


Well, 'good' is a word that means different things to different people. We can confirm however, that the ChallengeCall solution can withstand the following situations in a pub or bar regarding operation:

  • Walk by does not typically trigger a message to staff
  • When the fruit machine or FOBT machine is being used constant moving around in front of the machine does not trigger a message to staff
  • When someone approaches the machine to gamble, a message is discreetly sent to the staff at 3 seconds to check on who is gambling and to challenge whether the person is under age or not.
  • The system from our UK trials in busy pubs and bars does NOT generate sequences of false alarms that staff have to attend to. There may be an occasional message, but in general the system should be very satisfactory for most pub or bar operations - in fact the system works almost anywhere indoors.

If you examine the video demonstration on this website you will see how effective the ChallengeCall solution is. The pricing is also a one off purchase price and the units can be self installed even by a pub manager. There is a need for one 5 amp mains outlet by the machine to power our solution for that machine. We recommend a separate mains socket on the wall for this, but it is entirely left at the discretion of the pub how mains is supplied to the system.

You can operate multiple ChallengeCall systems on one site with a limit of 999 units. It is possible to have up to 999 pagers on any given site for staff to be notified when someone is about to use the machines.

ChallengeCall is part of a group of products developed jointly by Long Range Systems UK Ltd and Capture Technologies Ltd (part of our group of companies). The main units are not created by LRS USA but the system is developed to operate with LRS pagers which we are the UK office for.


Currently, the system needs one ChallengeCall for one fruit machine. However, we already have a unit under development that can support up to 7 machines at once. Ask about the multi-ChallengeCall system

The Answer:

The system comprises of the following:

  • The ChallengeCall Unit
  • A number of LRS text pagers. These will serve multiple machines (you need one for each staff member who will challenge users)
  • A sensor unit for the machine that can be supplied to specific sizes to suit the application
  • If you don't have a paging license, you need one - £75.00 for 5 years

Warranty on the ChallengeCall system is one year for manufacturing defects.