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 ChallengeCall™ has been developed over many months and trialled in the UK in real pubs and bars with great success. ChallengeCall™ is not available from any other company and it only works with LRS paging equipment. If you currently use other paging equipment on-site it is unlikely that we can 'integrate' in to that and our system already includes a transmitter as part of the overall system which is legal for the UK. You will need an OFCOM license to operate the ChallengeCall™ system, but if you already have a license for paging equipment then this system will be already included in the license you already have.

For other technical information about the requirements for our system or an enquiry for more information and/or pricing simply fill out our form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can, but certainly within 48 hours excepting closed holiday periods. Call 01782 537000 if you need faster response.