Our Work

This site is developed specifically for ChallengeCall™ the system for alerting staff of users about to use any fruit machine or  FOBT gambling machine and to stop under age gambling. The product has been developed over many months of work to ensure that it is the best solution for advanced warnings where fruit machine or FOBT gambling machines are in use in pubs and bars that are typically very hard to manage.

How we completed the ChallengeCall™ Project

The need for a solution


In 2019 we were approached by a company that operated fruit machines and FOBT machines. The main issue was that there was no way of telling who was going to gamble on the multiple machines on-site, but in particular whether the person going to use the machine was legally entitled; of course, the company could have employed someone to stand in the area and to manage the FOBT and fruit machine equipment to ensure that did not happen. But the cost of doing that on every site would be exceedingly high and not really feasible. So what did we do?

Firstly, we carried out extensive investigations in to the real issues, the problems in a pub or bar with customers wandering around the area, with other aspects that are highly unmanageable and we determined a clear objective of how to solve the problem even in the most crowded areas. You might be surprised how the problems mount up on analysis of what transpires in front of a fruit machine or FOTB gambling machine. But we noted every aspect of the problem.

Secondly, we developed specific custom equipment to address all of the problems that this sort of equipment could be subject to. This involved no less than eight prototypes. We then tested the ChallengeCall extensively on-site and worked further on software and hardware to achieve the best possible solution for pubs and bars there is. And of course we field tested our solutions even more in the most demanding customer environment there is over holiday periods.

The final results and how we did it

Making a technology solution to a problem that is not particularly addressed can be difficult. There are often many reasons why no-one else has tried to solve the problem. And there were many.









Initial planning to achieve an understanding of the problem is essential and we spent 20% of the overall time to completion visiting sites and understanding the problem from major UK companies that had those issues.

In the design and development phase of ChallengeCall we encountered numerous problems that had to be overcome with technology and ultimately we achieved our goals as far as physically possible with current technology.

Lastly, we delivered the solutions to customers for full evaluation and real-time analysis in the field - where it really matters. We're happy to say that the results of the project are exceptional and we now have a product line to address the problems in pubs and bars that alleviate the under age gambling issue.

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